Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bangkok - The Ninth Cafe

We spent way too much time in Jim Thompson (who doesn't?) and we learned the hard way that restaurants in Bangkok do close at 2:30pm, even the ones in hotels. We tried the Spice Market at Four Seasons to no avail and the only place nearby was Siam Paragon and so we made our way back there again. Luckily the food hall was still busy and happening and this time we settled in a fusion Thai cafe.

The menu was pretty big with Thai dishes as well as spaghetti and other "western" dishes. We followed our motto, which is "when in doubt, order local dishes", and it seemed to work once again.

We started off with Pad Thai (US$4.3). The portion was small but it was nicely done.

My Kee Mao - fried noodles with basil and beef (US$4) was really delicious and we actually prefer it more than the slightly sweet Pad Thai.

My husband picked a meat dish for my dietary needs. :-) He saw on the menu pork with black pepper sauce (US$8.6) and thought it'd be some kind of Thai stir-fry. He was wrong. It came as a main course so it was rather awkward. The pork was tenderised to death with powder I believe and the sauce was pretty blah. We ate the whole thing anyway but wished we had been more careful and stuck to Thai dishes.

The meal for two with cold drinks came to US$23. Reasonable and we definitely appreciated the aircon and rest.

The Ninth Cafe
Basement, Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

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