Friday, June 20, 2008

Simply Thai

We have rediscovered Simply Thai recently. We had never thought it was anything special but we recently decided that it's actually pretty good. Perhaps they changed the chef? Or perhaps our standards dropped after being in Shanghai for too long? I wonder....

To start we had prawn crackers(RMB20). They were just regular prawn crackers but we loved them nonetheless. The dip, with bits of unidentified shredded white stuff, was a bit weird.
Tom yum(RMB45). Could use more prawns and mushrooms. The soup was pleasantly spicy though.

Lab gai(RMB45). We discovered that a spoonful of this minced chicken on a piece of prawn was a match in heaven. Our only complaint: it was not at all spicy and as a result a little dull.

Green curry chicken(RMB55). We wished there were more chicken pieces because the sauce was absolutely delicious. The eggplants which soaked up all the sauce were very enjoyable also.

A pleasant surprise for the evening - Thai BBQ chicken leg(RMB55), de-boned and marinated. The meat was succulent and tender, it was so much better than we thought. This will become our regular dish from now on.

Pad Thai with vegetables(RMB45). Not too sweet nor greasy it was a nice dish to have to soak up all that curry sauce.

Dinner for 2 with drinks came to RMB360. RMB40 for a bottle a Singha! A bit much to be honest.

5C Dong Ping Rd. (nr. Heng Shan Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6445-9551

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