Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Park Tavern

A newly opened pub right across from the XuiJiaHui Park, this pub has 3 floors and completed with a large garden. Good atmosphere and pretty lay-back, the only thing lacking is the smell of stale beer and cigarette smoke to give it the realistic pub feel. I am sure it will improve over time.

On the night of our visit we settled on the roomy roof top with nearly 20 of us. The menu had all the usual pub grub. I didn't go around taking pictures of all our food but here are a few of the things we ordered:

Veggies with dip. The cucumber was actually pickled. Nice!

Chicken pot pie.

Veggie burger.

Fish and chips.

Bangers and mash.
Things we tried that night include shepherd's pie, Aussie burger, steak sandwich and roast lamb sandwich. Prices range from RMB60 to RMB90 for each. Not bad at all and we were all pretty satisfied with what we got. My bangers for instance were not the best sausages one can get but for what they are charging (around RMB60) it was acceptable.

TIP: RMB25 Tiger pints till 8pm

Park Tavern
840 Heng Shan Rd. (nr. Tian Ping Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5465-9312

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