Thursday, June 12, 2008

Haiku by Hatsune

The free starter for the day was some kind of fried preserved fish which looked too funky for me. U took a bite and decided that it was too bony.

We wanted something with salmon on top and were told that the salmon skin rolls were the only one. We didn't really like the sound of eating skin but decided to give it a try anyway. It was actually not bad as the salmon skin inside was very crunchy.

The usually excellent moto-roll-ah rolls were not very good this time. There should be spicy tuna, snow crab, maguro and avocado and the concoction is usually delicious, but on this particular day it tasted really bland. There was no snow crab neither? Instead we got something which tasted like was weird.

California rolls without the fish roes. They tasted as plain as they looked.

Some kind of vegetable roll with lots of avocado, tofu, lettuce and some kind of twiggy thing. A bit blah.

Engen rolls with tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, tobiko, avocado, eel and green onion. We didn't taste any spicy tuna as the fishy eel was over-powering . Not nice at all.

Dessert was some kind of cake with a sweet tofu scent. Strange.
I wondered perhaps the chef doesn't work lunch? The food had always been good when we went for dinners so what gives?

Haiku by Hatsune
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