Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dim Sum in Pudong

We don't normally go eat the the dark side, sorry, Pudong side and therefore it's always a hot or miss when it comes to finding nice chow.

In this case we were in the heart of Pudong's shopping district on a Saturday afternoon. Needless to say half the population of Shanghai were there hanging out and most of the restaurants were full with line-ups, except this one. Not a very good sign but we were desperate.

The menu was entertaining for a start.

We decided to skip "the items which are fried spring rolls" and went for some dim sums instead. Unfortunately the ha gau which you see here and the siu mai that I didn't bother to take a picture of tasted frozen to me. We could tell that they were mass produced and frozen at one point, defrosted (and not done very properly) and steamed and therefore leaving a nasty taste (think stale freezer) in all of them. Not nice at all.

Similar story with the beef rice stick. Disappointing!

The rest of the meal took an unexpected turn surprisingly. Our fish congee was actually nice with slices of fresh fish.

The stir-fried olive vegetable with minced pork was also nicely prepared and not overly greasy.

Although not the best we had the Singapore noodles were also above average.

Lunch for 2 came to under RMB200. Don't think we will be back in a hurry.

9/F, Next Age Mall (adjacent to the popular Xin Wang) , 501 Zhang Yang Rd., Pudong, Shanghai.

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