Friday, June 13, 2008

Peter's Tex-Mex

It was my first visit to Peter's Tex Mex and I knew instantly that I would be going back. I'd say the food was slightly above average but it beats eating at the smelly and sometimes rather seedy Zapata's.

We decided to pig out and ordered a few things to share for our lunch visit. Little did we know even snacks were pretty big in portion.

Our nachos with beans and cheese. Loved it!
Waffle fries. Pure evil but tasted so good.
Extra guacamole....the healthier choice for the day.
Potato skins with bacon bits..not really tex mex but hey.
Chicken strips. The fries were a little lame compared to the waffle fries but the strips were OK. Lunch for 2 came to just over RMB200.


Three days later I was back again with my husband this time for dinner.

The nine-layer nachos looked quite disappointing. We were expecting the works with melted cheese but instead we got some flattened dip which definitely didn't have 9 layers. It tasted more promising than it looked though and we polished off the dip and the chips in no time.

I ordered chicken strips again from the main course menu. The difference between this version and the snack version is that you get a honey mustard dip or a gravy on the side. In this case I asked for both and they were happy to give me both. I think you get more pieces for the main course version as well.

My husband's carne asada. The side dishes were OK but the beef was dreadful. It was bashed to heck in an attempt to tenderise but the meat was still very tough.

We got more nachos since the nine-layer thing was not all that satisfying. This time we got jalapeno with cheese and they were smashing!
Dinner was around RMB250. Remember to try the home-made lemonade!

Peter's Tex-Mex
Unit 7, Lane 3911 Hong Mei Rd. (nr. Yan An Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6261-2505

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