Friday, June 20, 2008


I think the most impressive thing about Mediterraneo is its huge garden. Hidden away from a rather dreary neighbourhood, it's like stepping into a time machine when I walked into the big and tranquil garden.

We looked through the relatively pricey lunch menu and decided that we would have a main and save room for puddings. Here's B's risotto. She said it was tasty but really really rich and creamy.

L's gnocchi. The portion looked small but looks would be deceiving. Like the gnocchi it was also very rich and stodgy.

Since I had a huge breakfast I decided to have a snack and ordered the club sandwich. It was very nicely cooked with lean bacon and chicken. I liked that fact that the bread was crispy and it wasn't drenched in mayo like most club sandwiches. Plus it came with a basket of fries too! Bonus!

At the end I was the only one with room for dessert. I went for the homemade strawberry ice cream. Not very inspiring and it could be creamier, but the fresh strawberry taste was good and refreshing.

Lunch came to about RMB500 for the 3 of us.

1317 Wu Ding Xi Rd. (nr. Jiang Su Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5238-9633

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