Monday, June 09, 2008

China Eastern Airlines

I don't really write about airline food anymore because it's usually pretty bad these days. However I felt the need to document my meal from Bangkok to Shanghai because it was exceptionally bad.

Here you can see the old and pathetic salad which probably had e.coli.

Then I was given the choice of pork or fish. Not wanting to risk old fishy stale fish I went for pork. It's never a good idea to reheat deep fried stuff and in this instance there was no exception. The batter was soft and chewy I was once again worried about food poisoning.
Luckily I brought tea biscuits with me or I would have been very very hungry. I should add that the China Eastern lounge sucked as well. There was nothing to eat other than cup noodles and some very old-looking micro-ham sandwiches. What's wrong with fruits?

Tip: definitely fly with Thai Airways to Thailand. At Bangkok airport Thai business and first class passengers can go through the VIP fast lane for immigration (and trust me you will want the fast lane).  And I imagine the lounge had to be better than the one I was in. The planes are also bigger and newer: the China Eastern plane I was on had only 4 business class seats. The seats were old and cramped and would only tilt a little with no foot rest. Might as well go economy!

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