Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bangkok - Dubliner

Pub grub seemed like a good option to rid my husband's lingering hangover and Dubliner is not far from our hotel.

The place was packed solid when we got there! We never thought we would need to reserve a table at a pub. The manager was nice enough to squeezed us in - I think my bump might have played a part.

My husband's gammon ham with fried egg and home made chips (~US$12). It was very nice but what's with the stingy portion?

On the other hand my sausages and bubble and squeak (~US$11) was a plate full. I didn't think the pile of fried onion was necessary. The sausages were not bad, although I wouldn't say they were excellent as the guide book suggests. The bubble and squeak was a little sloppy too - it was too wet and the cabbage was way overcooked.

Service was still pretty good consider how busy it was.

440 Sukhumvit Rd. (nr. Soi 22), Bangkok. Tel: 204-1841

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