Tuesday, May 13, 2008

M on the Bund

A farewell lunch. Seems like I'll be having a few of those in the near future. :-( Good luck B and have a safe journey home!

For the special occasion we met at M on the Bund. Here are a number of starters from the monthly luncheon menu:

White gazpacho.

Bruschetta with goat cheese, roasted tomatoes and egg plant caviar.

Crispy fried river prawns with aioli and chili oil. It wasn't what I expected as I didn't think the size of the prawns would be so small. While they were crispy it was very scratchy for my mouth and throat when I tried to swallow the prawns. I tried taking the shell off but they were just way too small and I ended up just taking the heads and the tails off. I heard shell is supposed to be nutritious? I hope so anyway.

Selections for main included the Ploughman's platter. I was literally drooling over the scotch egg!

My crab cakes. They were very creamy and too soft for me. I prefer the firm chunky and meaty version. Seared Mongolian lamb with sweet potato salad and yogurt sauce.
For desserts we had mulberry clafoutis.

Mango with coconut ice cream.

There was also a chocolate brownie with white chocolate semi freddo but the person wolfed it down so quickly I didn't have a chance to take a picture. Must be extremely good!

Petits fours.

Starters, mains, and desserts were RMB58, RMB118, and RMB48 each respectively.

Every one of us enjoyed the food! It's a cheap way to enjoy the view and the food of what M has to offer.

M on the Bund
7/F, 5 on the Bund, Shanghai. Tel: 6350-9988

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