Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chiu Chow Garden Restaurant

A convenient place for us to go to with a massive car park (and free parking with dinner) right upstairs, we find ourselves back to Chiu Chow Garden again and again.

With just my dad and I this evening we had to be quite restrained when we ordered so we wouldn't over-do it.

You can't have Chiu Chow food without the signature goose with Chiu Chow marinate (HK$80). I can never work out whether I like the goose more or the vinegar dip?

Beef and glass noodles in clay pot (HK$72). Loved the sauce although my dad thought it was too salty.

Stir-fried kale (HK$62). Crunchy and refreshing.

Chiu Chow congee with minced pork and mushroom (HK$30). Not bad.

Fried rice with olive leaves and minced pork (HK$68). I didn't have room to have any and we ended up taking half of it back home to the recycle box (the fridge).

We paid with AMEX and got a 50% discount. Dinner was less than HK$200 at the end. Now that's value for money!

Chiu Chau Garden Restaurant
1/F, Uptown Plaza, Taipo, New Territories, Hong Kong. Tel: 2656-0029

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