Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bangkok - Il Mi Jung Korean Restaurant

Half a block away from our hotel I stumbled upon a courtyard packed full of Korean restaurants and they all seemed very popular. I thought to myself they can't be bad and the one I picked (like the rest of them) was full of Korean customers so I felt good before I even sampled the food.

I liked my kimchi spread. Like in Korea you get everything even if there's just the one of you. Grilling happily in the middle were my marinated beef ribs. I have to say while the marinate was excellent the meat was a little too fatty. I prefer the 100% lean cut.
I tried most of the kimchi dishes (not that I was anywhere near finishing them) except this one. It looked authentic enough and if I am not carrying "pea" I would definitely give it a go. Right now I can't risk having food poisoning!

A Korean salad which came with the kimchi spread. Loved the spicy dressing.

Beef bulgogi. It's a strange way of cooking it (usually you get a shallow pan to hold the meat and sauce in) but a piece of foil did the job as well. Again the marinate was good (could be slightly sweeter even) but the beef was too fatty for me.

Somehow I craved noodles and the only thing available was instant Korean noodles. Not bad but what the heck happened to the fried egg?
A very scrumptious meal came to around US$27. The amount of food I had could easily feed 2!

Il Mi Jung Korean Restaurant
Sukhumvit Plaza, Soi 12, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. Tel: 251-8787

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