Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thai Farmer

I'm having mixed feelings about Thai Farmer. It's always been my favourite Thai restaurant in the world and the food there is consistently delicious. Tucked in between the strip joints in Wanchai the restaurant is nothing more than a hole in the wall. The food there is simple and honest and the service unpretentious. Everyone in there are Thai and it's as authentic as it gets: real thai food and no wussed down dishes.

This visit however caused me a lot of grief and it has almost ruined my trip because I was so sick. My friend who came to the meal with me was perfectly OK after though, so was it me? Or was it the food? Hard to tell.

We started our meal with our all-time favourite lap moo: spicy minced pork. We love this dish cos it's good with lattice wraps or with rice. This version had lots of chili, shallots, chopped coriander and they were stir-fried with pork mince with lime sauce and other secret seasonings. It was simply divine. It was very spicy though so perhaps next time I will ask them to go easy on the chili. (We ate all the cucumber slices but our tongues were still burning.)

The tom yum soup was less lethal - there were times when it's bright red! Loved the sour taste with the scent of lemon grass.

One of my favourite dishes with Thai cuisine has to be squid salad. I love the dressing with lime, chili, coriander and fish sauce. It goes so well with squid! This version was again extremely spicy, and I hoped that there would be more squid and less tentacles.

Good thing V ordered the pineapple rice. The sweetness of raisins, pineapple and nuts helped cool us down. There was not not a lot of pineapple in the rice and I totally appreciated it as I hate pineapple to begin with.
A must for a Thai meal: green chicken curry. Nothing extraordinary nice but it's always nice to have it with the rice.

The grilled pork neck fillet was tasty as usual. The dish can be really greasy but it's usually OK at Thai Farmer. The pork was lean but had that melt-in-your-mouth consistency. I should find out what the seasonings are because I can probably roast/grill some in our oven.

The meal for 2 with 1 beer came to HK$400.

Thai Farmer
G/F, 98 Lockhart Rd. (the block between O'Brien and Luard Rd.), Wanchai, Hong Kong. Tel:

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