Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chiu Yuen

We call Chiu Yuen "Noodle King" as this little noodle place probably has the best fish balls in soupy noodle in town. The name "Chiu" gives away the fact that it serves Chiu Chow-style stuff such as fish balls, meat balls, beef balls, and the distinctive deep fried crispy fish skin. The fish balls are made (beaten) freshly by hand by the fishermen in Aberdeen daily and it's by far the most popular item in the restaurant.

On the day of my visit I thought the fish balls were uncharacteristically salty. It could be that since we have such a low-salt diet these days that we can't handle the restaurant doses anymore. Anyway my plain (as in without noodles) fish balls (HK$17)were still peppery and bouncy in texture, with a nice fresh taste of fish. One will be surprised that sometimes there's actually no fish in some of the fish balls.

Sorry I totally forgot to take a picture before I messed up my noodle dish. I was so hungry and excited. Here's my beef and cuttlefish balls rice noodles with seaweed(HK$23). I think I like this stuff so much largely because of the chili sauce. Without the chili I'd rather not have anything so there you go.
People also love the deep-fried fish skin as well. I tried it once and thought it was actually like potato chips but I couldn't get it past my head that a) it's FISH skin and b) it's very fattening.
My husband likes the mushroom and pork balls as well as the wanton there.

Chiu Yuen
37 Spring Garden Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Tel: 2892-2322

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