Thursday, May 10, 2007

DPRK Food, Day 3

Having tried the food at the Hyangsan Hotel the previous night we were a little bummed out when we found out we had to go back for lunch. Luckily we got to eat at the revolving restaurant!

The spread was not bad looking. There were egg salad and bread!! Risking salmonella I made myself an egg sandwich anyway. The fish and the veggie were as bland as we expected.
Another meat-in-water concoction! This time with noodles. I was so hungry anyway I ate everything. The post-soju-drink munchies!

We knew we were in good hands when dinner was at the Yanggakdo Korean restaurant back in Pyongyang. The kimchi was rich and flavourful.

Then came the legendary Pyongyang Raeng Myon (cold noodles). A popular dish for the summer, buckwheat noodles are served with eggs, pork, sliced pear, and vegetables in an ice-cold broth. I had imagine eating noodles out of a cold broth would be weird but I was so wrong. It was delicious! First you put the white vinegar on the noodles, then mustard and chili sauce before you mix everything up. The noodles had a lot of texture, and I loved the sour and spicy flavours from the condiments. Very refreshing indeed!

Full and satisfied, we headed to the only Italian restaurant in town for a few drinks. The place apparently is opened by someone from NGO. It churns out home-made yogurt and bread but we were too stuffed for any of those. Didn't stop us from looking at the menu and cracking jokes though.

The day's favourite: Pyongyang cold noodles!

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