Friday, May 11, 2007

DPRK, Day 5

Day 5. Nampo, West Sea Barriage, Sinchon War Museum.

The drive to Nampo took almost 2 hours. Nampo is a port city and it was refreshing to see the sea and the cargo ships.

The barrage lies on the 8 km wide estuary of Taedong River. The structure took 5 years to complete.

We were then told that we would take a 15min stroll on a trail. We ended up walking for an hour!1 I was not impressed because it was way too hot. The trail was lame too. Afterwards we found out that the walk was there so we could kill some time until lunch. How daft was that? I could think of a million other things to do, like drinking beer and wine at our picnic spot?

After lunch we headed to the Sinchon Museum, a war crime museum with illustrations of the atrocities committed by the US imperialist aggressors. I have to say the 2 mosaic murals on the wall did not give me enough warning for what I was about to see inside.

There's always some old bag being separated to the people of the same blood by a fence put there by the US imperialist aggressor.

On top of pictures of dead body, skulk and bones, display of human hair (a whole pile of them!), there were gruesome paintings of the war crimes the US allegedly committed.

I was traumatized! I couldn't sleep that night. :-(

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