Monday, May 14, 2007


My friend G and I were planning on going to La mison for luncg but the place simply vanished without a trace. We walked up the road and saw quite a few people sitting in front of Luna and decided to give it a try. Lunch sets (RMB65) come with a pop, then a choice from 2 soups and a salad and 4 main courses. Not bad we thought.

G went for the cream of broccoli soup - the chef's name must be Campbell. Nothing wrong with that, because it at least tasted decent - unlike mine.

I don't even remember what mine was called but I think I know the receipe:

1) Boil 2 bowls of water, add brown coloring
2) Add 10KG of salt
3) Add some beef, 6 pieces of zuchini, 3 thin slices of carrot
4) Simmer and reduce to 1 bowl. Serve.
G's pasta bake with vegetables looked presentable but its taste did not match up to it. She said it was very plain and boring. (I suppose veg pasta bake doesn't get too interesting to begin with.)
My pork tonkatsu salad with aioli looked very impressive indeed. I went straight for the pork as I was staving, but was having difficulty cutting through the paper thin fillet. Basically the batter was way too thick and overlooked. I moved on to the salad and aioli sauce but they were way too salty once again. As hungry as I was I left most of it untouched. Sad!

I wonder why the place always seems busy every time I walk past? I am not trying to be picky and I honestly didn't expect much from a RMB65 set lunch, but the food was just unpalatable.

Xin Tian Di, 169 Tai Cang Rd. (near Ma Dang Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6336-1717

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