Friday, May 25, 2007

Green Cottage

I've realised that Vietnamese food is the answer when one is feeling poorly in Hong Kong. The food itself is plain but interesting enough and not bland like Cantonese food. There are quite a few of them in town and they are usually pretty good. My all-time favourite one has to be Green Cottage though. The food has been consistently excellent for the last 30+ years (I'm not joking! My mom said she started taking me there when I was a toddler). With my delicate digestive system I decided to drag my sorry-ass there for some lunch. (I was almost mad at the fact that I was sick and that I was missing out on all the fabulous food in HK!)

Green Cottage is now in its new and much larger location since the beginning of May. I was greeted by the owner's wife at the door and her familiar smile. All looked to be in good order! The menu is essentially the same as the old one but a little glossier.

To start I ordered the Steamed Vietnamese sausage. I am not entirely sure what it's made out of but I think it has got pork - probably similar to the bologna concept? I liked the faint peppery taste and it goes well with the vinegar/fish sauce dip.

As my usual greedy self I got the prawn and duck rolls as well, knowing that I would not have room for all the food. The rolls didn't disappoint: so crisp and refreshing it was exactly what I needed.

I was going to get the beef pho but I saw this dish called train engine pho on the menu and decided to give it a try. I should have asked about its name but it's basically the works. It had a variety of beef related toppings like beef balls, sliced beef, tripes, etc. The broth was immaculately cooked with all the right flavours. I have to say I prefer the simple beef pho over the works as some of the items are too funky for me.
The simple lunch came to just under HK$100. The curry dishes are also excellent there....until next time.

Green Cottage Vietnamese Restaurant
2/F, Gigna Tower, 482 Jaffe Rd., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: 2832-2863

NewsFlash: there's also a new location at the airport in terminal 2, 6/F, Sky Plaza. Tel: 3197-9440

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