Monday, May 28, 2007


For our anniversary meal we ended up going to the reliable Mesa. I always like the lunches and it's my first time having an evening meal there.

There was no bread basket. Our one piece of bread were digested in no time and it didn't get replenished. Bummer. The orange powdery dip was interesting enough: there was paprika, sesame seeds and some crumbs. Not sure how we were supposed to incorporate it with the bread but it kept us occupied for a while.

My husband didn't say much about his foie gras but it looked freah and tasty.
My risotto with salmon and prawns was delicious!!!! It was rich and creamy with chucks of salmon and prawns. Most importantly the broth used was delicately seasoned and not salty and garlicky like a lot of other places.

My husband's beef tenderloin was cooked to perfection. The meat was juicy and tender.
My lamb medallions were also extremely yummy. The mash on the side was excellent as well but I just could not finish it all, as my risotto was so big.
No room for desserts! The portion for dinner is a lot bigger than lunch (see here and here). We were very happy with the food but the service was a little sluggish. My husband's second glass of wine never arrived for like 20 mins, and by then we finished eating anyway. To make things worse we got charged for it too! The meal for 2 with 2 glasses of wine came to RMB886.

748 Julu Rd. (near Fumin Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6289-9108

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