Monday, May 28, 2007


Ginger has a new location in town! Now we can have a nice piece of cake after our shopping!

Look how cute the iced tea(RMB30) is!

We both ordered fresh Vietnamese spring rolls(RMB55) to start - big mistake. It was very tasty and refreshing but the portion was way too big, even though it's listed under appetizers. The carrot, cucumber, noodle and shrimp fillings were very heavy. We were basically full after 3 or them. Should have shared one between the two of us.

U's hummus with vegetables (RMB45), served with bread.

This is my Thai beef salad(RMB68) that I ened up bringing home as I was way too full (and I had to save room for dessert!). The salad was very plain and the salad leaves bitter. I couldn't really taste the dressing at all, except a faint sour taste from lime sauce. The one I had in Kabb was much better.

U's lemon tart (RMB30) and cappuccino (RMB30). She said the tart was too zesty for her but I actually liked it a lot.

My mango crumble (RMB35) - a Ginger's speciality. The mango was so sweet I almost gagged. I liked the crumble though.

G/F Corporate Avenue 2, 222 Hubin Rd., Shanghai.

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