Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei is a low/mid-range priced sushi chain with branches across Asia. The menu is big with a selection of Japanese dishes on top of sushi. The quality is Ok for what they are charging, and it's definitely better than the usual conveyor-belt variety.

On this visit we tried ordering as many dishes as we could, cos both S and I are big sushi fans.

We totally took advantage of the salmon sashimi special at RMB12 a portion. We got two.

My tuna and spring onion gunkan.
Some kind of salmon sushi S recommended. It was yummy!
S's cold tofu. A little too healthy for my taste.
Prawn and avocado rolls.
The dragon roll, with a whole king prawn deep fried and avocado on top.
Prawn and mango rolls. Not quite as good as the prawn and avocado rolls.

The grilled king prawn. We couldn't work out what was on top. It was salty and slight creamy but it wasn't cheese. We loved it nonetheless.

We were so full at the time but then there were only 8 dishes. The bill for 2 with two apple juices came to RMB325.

1-28, G/F, Metro City, 1111 ZhaoJiaBang Rd., Shanghai. Tel: 6426-7280

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