Friday, May 11, 2007

DPRK Food, Day 5

We knew we were having a packed lunch for the day and I took peanut butter, Korean chili sauce, and some apples with us. And I felt so smug. Then our French teammates announced that they had brought pate, bread AND wine for us to share, all the way from France!!! Merci beaucoup!

They packed everything so carefully in layers of newspaper, towels, and plastic bags. Now that's dedication. The pate and wine was a nice addition to the packed lunch, which had beef, cucumber, bread and rice. It didn't taste too bad actually, especially with lots of chili sauce in it.

Maybe we were forever cursed for the day with our luck on food. Dinner looked rather unexciting. Especially after the scrumptious feast we had yesterday.

The cube of thing on the top right-hand corner was fish. While it was edible it wasn't all that nice. I would have to be a little more desperate if I were to eat it. The chicken was less than average (let's say it ain't KFC) and the 3 blobs of shredded veg were a little blah. The bun had meat and veg filling, which was actually not bad. I ended up using a lot of kimchi to help chow down my rice.

The soup was actually like a mixture of miso and beef broth. It helped fill the hole I guess.

Today's favourite: nothing, unfortunately.

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