Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My second visit to Watami was out of convenience and not for the food. It was one of the few places in Tai Po which didn't require queueing up for a table (I hate the Tai Po dining scene: too many people and too many mediocre restaurants).

Unlike last time there's now a set lunch menu. For HK$40 to HK$60 you get a main course, a drink, miso soup and a salad. We decided to get a set each as the set prices are the same as the a la carte prices, so they are practically giving the drink, soup and salad away.

It explains for the very lame-looking salad. We didn't want food poisoning and we gave it a pass.
My tangerine drink. Not bad. Didn't try the miso - limiting my intake of salt and MSG.
My spicy kimchi rice with pork. The taste was right but it could use more vegetables and the pork was too fatty. Other than that it was quite tasty!
The mini grilled eel rice and udon combo. The eel and rice were average tasting - OK for what they are charging. The udon noodles were actually not bad.
We ordered an extra pork fillet on hot plate. It was of reasonable quality and quantity for what they are charging (HK$39).Two sets and the extra pork came to HK$145. Not bad.

Shop 273-275, Zone B, Tai Po Mega Mall, Tai Po, Hong Kong. Tel: 2662-3241

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