Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tenya 天家

Tenya has to be my favourite Japanese restaurant in the world. The toro is always fresh and for what they are charging it's an absolute bargain! For RMB280/person you can get a toro and king crab set. Here's what I got:

To start there was o-toro sashimi. Very meaty and buttery.

Next were chu-toro and toro-shio. I love chu-toro and I can never get enough of the stuff. Hmmmmm...it was rich and full of flavour. The toro-shio, which is toro marinated in lemon and sea salt, tasted very refreshing with the spring onions.

Then came the steamed taraba crab legs - similar to king crab from Hokkaido. The sweet taste of the meat just doesn't get any better.

Toro shabu shabu. Basically you dip the thinly sliced toro in the hotpot for 2 seconds and like magic it turns into a meat-like texture. It goes really well with the vinegar based dip.

The hotpot ingredients: zuwai crab (a type of Japanese snow crab), chunks of white fish, tofu, radish, cabbage and green veg.

I dunked everything into the pot. I also got to choose between udon or porridge to put in the pot. I picked udon noodles and they were delicious with the soup base .

My stomach was definitely struggling by the time the chirashi - chopped tuna with spring onions and seaweed on sushi rice came. As full as I was I wolfed it down.

As my eyes-bigger-than-belly usual self I ordered an extra portion of chu-toro sushi (RMB38). No regrets though cos they were extremely nice.

The set also came with home-made coffee ice cream. I felt like I was in heaven! Quality AND quantity! What more could I ask for?

Tenya (I am not sure why but it used to be called Tian Jia)
2/F, 1520 Hua Shan Rd. (nr. Tai An Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6281-4918

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