Thursday, July 03, 2008


Saturday night. We wanted something simple and somewhere quiet. Amici came to mind and it's a bonus that it's just a short walk away.

When we got there it was almost empty - just as we expected. We often wonder how these hotel restaurants survive. Anyhow. My husband started with an antipasto. It was nothing special. Thing is if we weren't getting quality we should at least have quantity?

My husband's pizza. Disappointingly we noticed the pizza base was no longer freshly made! Instead the chef coyly pulled out a pre-made base and slapped the toppings on (sparsely). A total letdown and a waste of the wood oven.

My stuffed cannelloni. Too much bechamel and the meat sauce was too sweet.
All in all we were not impressed. Don't think we will be going back again. I hate to say this but the food was much better during my previous visits right after its opening.

1/F, Regent Hotel, 1116 Yan An Rd. West, (nr. Pan Yu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6115-9988

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