Saturday, July 05, 2008

Al Dente

After my not-so-bad experience at Al Dente last time I decided to take my husband there for lunch. The place was rather busy but we managed to get a table. He started off with hummus (HK$49). The bread was nicely toasted but the hummus was really runny. It had a distinctive lemony taste - which was not bad at all but if you wanted hummus you would be disappointed.

Next he had the linguine with salmon (HK$89). For some reason I thought it would come with a white sauce so I was a little disappointed but my husband said it was OK.

I went for the lunch set instead. For HK$98 you get a 3-course lunch, which I thought was an excellent deal. To start I got to pick between soup or salad. I went for the onion soup and it was delicious.

For main the choices were penne with bacon, steak and chicken parmigiano. I had the chicken. It was edible but tasted rather blah. It was like something I would do for a quick fix at home with ready-made sauce.
I gave dessert (tiramisu) a pass as I was too full.

Al Dente
16 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel:2869-5463

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