Monday, July 14, 2008

Under Bridge Spicy Crab

A few days prior to my visit to Under Bridge Spicy Crab I happened to come across Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation on tv and on this particular episode he's in Hong Kong chomping down some spicy crab at Under Bridge! I was literally drooling. As a result on the night of our visit L and I decided to large it. It was also going to be her last visit for at least a year. :-(

I had been telling L about this ugly creature squilla while we were in Shanghai and she was determined to try some. Known as "pissing shrimp" in Cantonese, squilla is a type of mantis shrimp and rumour has it when it's cooked it tends to urinate. Not a pretty thought but the waiter was recommending the giant ones so we went for it. The shrimps arrived as ugly as we had hoped for (it will be a good conversation piece for a while) and they were absolutely massive: the length must have been like the length of an A4 sized paper. Luckily the chef had it chopped in 3 sections otherwise it would have been challenging to peel them (the shell seemed quite hard). We loved it: meaty but tender at the same time, and most importantly it's juicer than lobster. I could have easily polished another one.

Stir fried clams in black bean and chili sauce. I am not usually a fan of black bean sauce at all but somehow it works with clams. The clams were rather big, the meat nice and fresh!

Our token vegetable dish with scallops. If broccoli comes with scallops like these everyday I would be eating a lot more broccoli!

And last but not least the reason to come here: spicy crab! We asked for low level of spiciness and it was just about right for us wieners. I also requested a crab which must have claws bigger than my iphone and we got what we wanted. It was finger licking good! I hope L will be back soon to have another crab feast with me!

With all that garlic and salt we totally expected to get thirsty afterwards but we didn't! I wonder why?

Crab was HK$680 and mantis shrimp was HK$140 each. The clams I believe was around HK$60 and so was the broccoli. The seafood was quite pricey but we thought it was worth it. I want more!

405 -419 Lockhart Rd., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: 2893-1289

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