Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moon River Diner

Pudong (aka the Dark Side) isn't all that bad - at least there's a Moon River.

J and D started the meal off with a green salad. It looked OK . To be honest it had too many leaves for my liking. I prefer my salad with meat like ham or salami...or at least give me tuna my friend!

My husband went for the chili cheese fries(RMB25) - that's my boy. The cheese came very runny and there didn't seem to be a lot of chili on it. I tried a few of the fries without the chili and they were still too salty. Nothing like the version in the Gubei branch.

J's Boston clam chowder(RMB45, with salad) was served in a cute little bun. She said it was pretty good and it stood up to the version she had at the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Wow.

I wanted something other than burgers so I picked the prime beef hash(RMB50) from the rather big all-day breakfast menu. Although I wasn't asked how I wanted my poached eggs they were done to perfection. The yolks were soft but not runny. The prime beef hash was also extremely tasty and full of flavours. Loved the chunks of celery, peppers and potatoes. I don't know why they put fruits on the same plate. It was hard to avoid the fruit juice from getting on the food. Besides, the strawberries looked like they had seen better days.

D's fish and chips(RMB55) looked fresh and crispy. I know this is a diner but still, minus 10 points for not providing vinegar with the dish.

My husband's classic diner burger(RMB50) was not very surprising but nonetheless rather nice. I think it is cheeky that you have to add RMB6 for cheese though.

Moon River Diner (4 locations in town)
Big Thumb Plaza, 199 Fang Dian Rd. (near Ding Xiang Rd.) Pudong Shanghai. Tel: 5033-5900

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