Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Castle Oktober

A new (and beautiful) beer garden in our neighbourhood, Castle Oktober is also a micro brewery! Woohoo!

There are 3 house brews on tap: weissbier, pilsnerbier and dunklebier. My husband was quick to say he wanted a liter of pilsener, and I followed suit with the weissbier. My weissbier was definitely nicer than his and it was not headache inducing - bonus! A liter was way too much for me with the meal though.

There are 2 food menus. If you are seated on the 2nd floor dining room then you can order only from the dinner menu (with most things from the grill). The bar downstairs and the garden have a bar menu (with all the sausage dishes) plus the dinner menu.

This is the nurnberger sausage plate J had - I got to try one and it was a lot nicer than the ones at Dan's Farmhouse. I never liked nurnberger but I have changed my mind after these ones.

The tenderloin looked pretty fatty but D didn't seem to mind. He said it was good but he likes everything.

My husband had the sausage plate which came with stir fried kimchi (!). The sausages were as tasty as sausages can ever be, except one of them. It was really smoky and dotted with small bits of fat and we couldn't work out what it was. The kimchi, while very spicy, was an interesting addition to the meaty sausages.
I ordered the grill teller because as usual my eyes were bigger than my belly. While the sausages were excellent I can't say the same about the chicken and the breaded veal. They were both pretty hard and bland unfortunately. I ended up leaving most of my veal on the plate as my jaws were starting to hurt with all that chewing.

We were told that it was their soft opening and they were hoping to get our feedback. We thought the service was excellent and the food was definitely above par. I liked the effort they put in with all the different side dishes.
Main courses are around RMB120 to RMB200 with most items from the grill around RMB200. Desserts and starters are about RMB50. Remember to ask for the bar food menu for the selection of sausage dishes.

39 Tao Jiang Rd. (near Wulumuqi Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6433-0186

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