Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A pick-up joint by night (I believe), and a Mexican restaurant by day, the food quality at Zapata's seems to be different every week. Mostly it ranges from being mediocre to dreadful. The free margaritas keep us going back for more each week though.

This week I decided to finally do a write up on the place because for once we got to have something REALLY tasty! The chicken quesadillas were actually superb! The chicken and the cheese were moist and flavoursome, and the tortillas were also soft and hot (and not chewy). It had the right consistency: not too oily and not too runny. A real surprise comparing to those of our previous visits.

Too bad I can't say the same about the platter. The calamari was pretty rubbery and the batter was as thick as the squid inside. A far cry compared to the version at Mesa. The fish cakes had only one taste: fishy, and no sign of other seasonings. I didn't try anymore but previous experiences told me that there should be no nice surprises. All the leftovers on the table despite having 10 hungry and peckish ladies around told me a lot. Still, we will be back again. The things we do for free booze.
5 Heng Shan Road (near Dong Peng Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6474-6166

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