Wednesday, April 04, 2007


We finally got a chance to find out why Tairyo was always full of people every time we walked past. Get this: it's RMB150/person all-you-can-eat teppenyaki AND booze! It's like Christmas and birthday all at once.

The menu had all the regular teppenyaki items including lots of seafood, beef, beef, and beef. We left the ordering to our friend P as he knows the place well and we knew we were in good hands.

Our first dish was mango salad, which really was half a mango with a little mango sauce on top (sorry no picture). We thought it was a little odd that we should be served mango right at the beginning of the meal but nonetheless it was very delicious. Then we were each given a plate of sashimi with tuna, swordfish and octopus. I like sushi a lot (I even like the stuff from supermarket!) so naturally I thought they were not bad.

Then came the beef sashimi. I didn't try any as I was a little intimidated but U and P confirmed that it was good.

And here we officially began our teppenaki-binging session. The salmon was juicy and flavourful. A good start!

The beef roll with enoki mushroom was one of my favourites. Everything was cooked just right. I wished I could have another one.
The making of the egg omelet with bacon was enjoyable to watch, and to eat I assure you.

Here comes our other favourite of the night: fillet of beef with garlic. The meat was so succulent we kept on eating despite some of us were almost bursting at that point.

The fried rice was just like the way I like it - very peppery and with lots of eggs.

Our friendly and trusty chef, preparing for our finale.
I hadn't realised the lights were dimmed when he set the bananas on fire until I looked at the picture (I had to brighten the shot to make it visible). The fire had us cheering like a bunch of excited 5-year-olds.
The bananas had flakes of coconut on top and they got imbedded onto the bananas during the torching, Too bad my ice cream was almost all melted otherwise it would have a nice contrast, it made an excellent dessert to finish the meal still.

I was wondering whether the food would taste as good without the free-flowing sake and beer? But then you got to ask yourself why wouldn't you be drinking?

15 Dong Ping Road (near Heng Shan Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6445-4734

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