Friday, April 06, 2007

meat hirarchy

A huge thank you to U and P for their kind donation of what will become our major food supply in a few weeks time: the Luxembourg sausage. I fell in love with them at their happy hour party and now I have a whole bag! Danke!

The conversation then got to one's meat hierarchy. I never quite thought about it but it's good to put things into perspective. Right now here is how I would rank the stuff that I have had so far (I wonder how many more there is without my not to go there):

1) Pork (sausages, bacon)
2) Beef
3) Lamb
4) Chicken
5) Quail
6) Ostrich
7) Kangaroo
8) Pheasant
9) Snake

Funny in terms of quantity I eat more beef and chicken than anything else, but my heart is with sausages. :-) I will re-evaluate after our trip to North Korea.

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