Friday, January 14, 2011

Under Bridge Spicy Crab

We finally got to go to Hong Kong and we wasted no time to go to Under Bridge again. We got there close to 9pm and managed to get a table quickly. The place was still really busy!

To start we had stir-fried clams with chili and black bean sauce. I am never a fan or black bean sauce but it goes really well with clams.
And this is what we were craving all those years: chili and garlic mud crab.
We picked a medium to large crab (~HK$600). The meat was sweet and fresh and to die for.
Scallops and broccoli. Big meaty scallops, simple but worked well.
String beans with olives and pork. I always find this dish too heavy tasting and in this case it was extra salty.
The excellent fried rice helped wash down everything nicely. We left with happy tummies.
Under Bridge Spicy Crab
405 -419 Lockhart Rd., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: 2893-1289

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