Friday, January 28, 2011

La Brasserie

Our hotel was walking distant to La Brasserie, and as my friend recommended the place, we decided we would go try it out. We were happy with what we saw as soon as we walked in: unpretentious decor and people, happy customers and old wait staff. It's my theory that a place is all about food when they are not afraid to use old wait staff.
Perhaps we were hungry, we wolfed down the delicious bread and olives before our appetizers got there. My husband's duck pate with red onion marmalade (7.90). He didn't say much about it but didn't complain.
My escargots in garlic and parsley butter (9.80). Loved the sauce. I had to ask for extra bread to soak it all up.
Entrecote grillee (19.20). Somehow the guy sitting next to us had a much bigger steak than what we had. Maybe it was luck of the draw. It was juicy but a little small. It came with a side order of fries.
Steak tartare (19.90). It was probably the best steak tartare I ever had. It was smack full of seasonings: mustard, pepper and a good helping of Worcestershire sauce. The chopped onions, pickles and capers made it all very exciting for the tongue. I would fly back there right now to have this dish!
I don't remember what my husband had for dessert but he certainly finished his in record speed.
My creme brulee was excellent too.
La Brasserie
272 Brompton Rd., London. SW3 2AW. Tel: +44 (0)207 581-3089

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