Friday, January 14, 2011

Element Fresh

My husband's tandoori chicken wrap (RMB68) was huge and I felt jealous right away. The chicken was juicy and tasted like proper tandoori. Lucky him!
My set came with starters and fruits. The melon soup was probably the nastiest soup I ever had: gooey and extremely salty. Why bother? And I think the light brown pieces on the side were tofu skin. Who eats this stuff?
Nile perch in sweet soy (RMB88). I had never tried Nile perch before and I was curious. As I suspected it was very muddy. The gooey soy sauce didn't rescue the fish, in fact I wasn't sure what was more gross - fish or sauce. In any case it was a very unsatisfying dish.
Element Fresh
4/F KWah House, 1028 Huai Hai Rd. (nr. Donghu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5403-8865

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