Friday, January 14, 2011

Benkay Japanese Restaurant

Our salads which came with our set lunches.
My sashimi tempura una set (RMB160). Pricey for Shanghai standards but quality was good.
Chirasi gozen set (RMB145). Plenty of fresh fish although our request for not wanting shrimps had to be repeated twice at the end.
The special dessert plate which came with the ladies afternoon promotion. There was unlimited flow of tea or coffee as well.

We went back for another visit a few days later.
I was pretty disappointed with my sashimi gozen (RMB170). It is more expensive than the sashimi tempura una set and yet the quantity of fish I got was only slightly more.
It was pretty pathetic and I mentioned it to the waitress. She was pretty indifferent and said since all their fish comes from Japan you get less. I didn't see the logic there and secretly decided that I would avoid this place if possible.
Gone was the special dessert platter too. We were a little disappointed at our meal to say the least.
Benkay Japanese Restaurant
3/F, Hotel Nikko Shanghai, 488 Yan An Rd. West (nr.Zhen Nin Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 3211-9999

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