Friday, January 14, 2011

Corner Cafe, Disney

After a morning of running around in Disney we were ready to sit down and eat whatever there was available. We were surprised it didn't take long for our big group to get a table at the cafe on Main Street. Even though Halloween food was the only option on the menu we gave it a go.

Cream of pumpkin soup which came with the kid's meal. It was the only normal looking dish and it was actually tasty.
Kimchi Ramen with beef short ribs and some Halloween touches. I thought two chicken's feet were excessive. I was quite worried and put off to be honest. The noodles and the rest of the fixings were OK. Very ordinary but I wasn't expecting much.
Fish fingers and fries for our little ones. They enjoyed pretty much everything except for the pappy broccoli. Go figure.
The pork chop and rice bake looked like a mess but it was actually delicious. We were not sure what the 2 pieces of lychee were supposed to be.
Some kind of pasta salad starter, which was part of a fish set.
Sole fillets in basil and some kind of orange sauce. The fish was frozen and had that stringy texture. Still it was probably the healthiest choice of all.
Corner Cafe
Main Street, Hong Kong Disneyland.

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