Friday, January 14, 2011

Sir Elly's Restaurant

Set lunch at Sir Elly's. To start we had farm egg, smoked with maple dressing and turnips; cappuccino soup, foie gras, five spices; baby greens, long beans, crab, tomato confit; hamachi, vanilla and Meyer lemon dressing, mango chutney. Our favourite was the soup. We both skipped the egg as it was a little worrying to be eating raw eggs. We also wished the fish could be a little bigger as they were way too small to make an impression on my taste buds.
The egg seemed to have unusually thick shell?
There were four main courses to choose from: pigeon, beef cheeks, scallops, and mushroom risotto. I opted for the beef and loved it. Beef was slow-cooked till it's extremely tender; served with sesame, leeks, ginger chili oil, espelette coulis. I liked the mild chili sauce with the juicy beef but I didn't understand the stack of rather dry leeks at the back. It didn't feel related to the dish.
Mushroom risotto, morel, golden thread. I have been told golden thread mushrooms grow from insects? Confirmation anyone?
Desserts from left: "apple" vanilla brule, hawthorn compote, sea salt caramel, green apple sorbet; "Madeleine" warm, stuffed with honey; "strawberry" Indian strawberry lassi. We didn't think much of the desserts, which was a little disappointing.
Sir Elly's Restaurant
13/F, Peninsula Shanghai, 32 The Bund, Shanghai. Tel: 2327-6756

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