Friday, January 14, 2011

Simply Thai

A quick set lunch at Simply Thai. For extra RMB10 you get a cold syrupy drink. Nice and cool and it's hot.
My set had a spicy beef salad and when this dish arrived I did not think to look at it. It was so small (like a dipping sauce dish) I thought it was just decoration. When my salad didn't arrive I decided to poke around and there was the thin slither of beef hidden in the leaves! Size aside it was actually pretty tasty with a punchy dressing.
Egg soup. Ordinary. Not sure if they serve it in Thailand.
Beef with coriander and chili. Beef was tender and went well with coriander. I since tried to make this dish at home and it's pretty simple.
Dessert was sago with coconut pudding. I prefer mango sticky rice but these were not bad.
Simply Thai
5C Dongping Rd. (nr Hengshang Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 400-880-7729

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