Friday, January 14, 2011

Maison Pourcel

The restaurant got a lot of buzz since its Expo debut and I was exited to try it. I have to say the website put me off a little before I even got there. Somehow having pictures of the chefs and pseudo celebrities from Hong Kong plastered on the site did not make me very confident.

The restaurant was very well set up: a lounge on the lower floor and an elegant dining room on top. Terrace dining is available but we were seated inside as the weather was getting cool by then.

Our free appetizers. I did like the deep fried goat cheese cubes.

We all decided the appetizers were a little too rich foamy for our taste.

We tried beef and lamb cutlets for our mains and thought they were average. The quenelle on the side of the beef was so strong with truffle taste it made C gagged.
Our petits fours redeemed the so-far average meal a little.
And we all liked our icy watermelon juice.
Desserts were tasty, nothing spectacular though.

Dinner for 4 with a glass of wine each came to RMB800 a head. We felt the quality of food could be better for that price.
Maison Pourcel
6th and 8th floor, 35 Shanxi Rd. (nr. Changle Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6215-8777

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