Sunday, October 24, 2010

Table No. 1

After our not so successful lunch I was ready to give it a second try because of the rave reviews I kept hearing. This time we decided on the set lunch.

A starter with tuna. It looked yummy enough and C and J seemed to enjoy theirs.
I think I had duck. To be honest I don't remember as it wasn't a memorable dish.
My fish for main. Sorry once again I forgot what type of fish it was but I remember it being rather fresh and flaky. I particularly liked the zingy sauce and the sweet mandarin slices.
Beef fillet and foie gras. Beef looked lean this time and C and J said it was nicely cooked.
I got so jealous of their side dish - the fries were absolutely out of this world.
Ice cream trio was one of the desserts.
Tapioca. It was interesting enough but far from outstanding. Should have had ice cream. We did enjoy our lunch and it's good food considered the price they are charging. We will go back for set lunches again but probably not for a la carte.
Table No. 1
The Waterhouse at South Bund, 1-3 Mao Jia Yuan Rd. (nr. Zhong Shan Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6080-2999

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