Saturday, July 17, 2010

Table No. 1

Our first lunch visit to the hyped Table No. 1 turned out to be a little disappointing. The menu was not very big and my husband had to pick fries (RMB30) as his starter (many other customers did the same thing too). They were cooked very nicely and the garlic and herbs on top were a very nice touch even though I don't like too much garlic normally.
My crab appetizer(RMB58) had chopped local crab meat, avocado, and a chilled scoop of something which had a sorbet consistency. It was interesting in terms of the contrasting temperature but that's about it. The crab was fresh but it wasn't very sweet tasting.
My husband's steak looked really promising but it was also the biggest disappointment. The cut of meat was so stringy and fatty most of it was inedible. The three little piece we managed to trim out and tasted were actually very tender and tasty.
My fish bouillabaisse (RMB118) was actually very rich and packed full with seafood flavour. It is however a little odd to have the item under main courses. Luckily I was somewhat on diet and I didn't mind.
My husband at least enjoyed his rice pudding (RMB55).
My caramel parfait (RMB55) was nice at the time but not very memorable.
To give the restaurant credit the manager took the beef dish off our bill having heard our complaint.

Table No. 1
The Waterhouse, 1-3 Mao Jia Yuan Rd. (next to Cool Docks), Shanghai. Tel: 6332-0282

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