Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carluccio's Cafe

A short late lunch break from our shopping trip in Bristol. We were so hungry we gobbled up the soft warm bread in no time. Bread (₤3.50) and the olives (₤2.60).
Chicken saltimbocca, wrapped in proscuitto and roasted was the special (₤10.95). My husband said it was ok and nothing spectacular. He might have been sulking as he picked 2 glasses of wine from the wine list and they were somehow unavailable?
My lasagna (8.35) was tasty but a little bit too runny for my taste. It was a much welcomed treat as I was about to digest myself. All in all not bad for a chain restaurant. And to our great surprise we got given a bottle of wine to take home to compensate the wine disappointment. Call that customer service!
Carluccio's Cafe
Quakers Friars, Bristol, UK. Tel: 0117 933-8538

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