Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bi Feng Tang

A quick lunch at a Bi Feng Tang restaurant. Despite the countless numbers of branches across I had never felt like going as they all looked pretty naff. As I was very desperate that day I had no choice but to walk in. Big mistake. My beef noodle is everything but Cantonese. And it didn't taste good: noodles were soggy and the beef was too much of a mystery cut I left it all behind.
I saw this noodle dish 2 tables down and thought I'd give it a try. It was probably the greasiest fried noodles I had in my entire Chinese-food-eating career (and I had had a LOT of greasy stuff). Hidden in the greasy noodles were slivers of the cheapest salty ham you can find in this world. Everything about it was nasty!
I think these may be cuttlefish balls. I honestly don't remember now and lets say they did not redeem the meal.
Now that have looked at it's website the restaurants are all franchised. It explains a lot why the place is very much pseudo Cantonese. There is not going to be a next time even if I am desperate.
1108, Brilliance West Mall, 88 XianXia West Rd. (nr. JianHe Rd.), Shanghai.

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