Saturday, July 17, 2010


Another David Laris creation in town: immediately we thought it could be a little iffy as we had not been impressed with his recent projects. Still the place had to be tested out.
Our bread was probably the best-tasting starter in comparison to the mediocre Caesar salad and the tasteless pile of sprouts and lettuce I had.
My deep-fried snapper with green curry sauce was really punchy. I wish I could make curry sauce like this at home. The fish, however, was a bit to the dry and hard side. I suppose it's difficult to get fresh snapper fillets here in Shanghai.
Teriyaki salmon. The sides were so lame I could knock up something better at home. And teriyaki salmon is pretty easy to make to begin with. Lame.
Mac and cheese. I was told that it was excellent apparently.
We didn't feel like spending more money on desserts.

G/F, URBN Hotel, 183 Jiao Zhou Rd. (nr. Beijing Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5172-1300

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