Saturday, July 17, 2010


A dinner visit to M1NT. Although my last lunch there was not very impressive but I thought I'd give it another try. We thought we would go with the tasting menu in order to try more dishes.

For RMB420 a person we got 3 or 4 choices for each course to choose for our 3-course set. To start we had deep fried squid. For us, who are spoiled with fresh seafood and kick-ass salt and pepper batter from Hong Kong, this dish was a little lame. The squid was nicely battered and deep fried but the seasoning seemed to just lack depth. The Thai chili dip was kind of lazy too.
When we saw our other starter we were taken back a little. We thought we would get steamed shrimp gyoza (which is what the menu said) but instead we got Cantonese har gou. Although a little anti-climatic, the har gous had big prawns inside and the pastry was reasonably thin. The chili flakes on top though were overpoweringly spicy (and I can take spicy!) we ended up scraping them off.
Moving on to our mains: roasted salmon with wasabi remoulade, salsa verde, oven dried cherry tomatoes. It was probably my favourite dish for the evening. Loved the cherry tomatoes especially, and the salsa went very well with the fish.
Our other main: pork ribs, black pepper marinade. The ribs were tender but the marinade, which tasted of five-spice powder, was too strong.
Our side dish asparagus with wafu dressing. Loved the dressing (but then wafu is pretty easy to make) but the asparagus was probably not in season.
Our other side dish tomatoes with ginger and spring onion dressing was much better than the asparagus. I'd eat tomato everyday if it comes with dressing like this one.
We enjoyed our dessert tasting platter and my favourites were the chocolate cake and mango mousse.
I suppose food is not the main focus for M1NT and for the no-so-expensive set and what they delivered it's a pass. We have no complaint on the food but it's nothing to rave about certainly.

24/F, 318 Fuzhou Rd. (nr. Shangdong Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6391-2811

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