Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mr. Willis

Our very first visit to the always busy Mr. Willis.
The extremely tasty scallop and lentils starter my husband ordered (RMB68). Scallops were big and juicy, and grilled to perfection. The accompanying lentils sauce had a faint curry flavour and it went very nicely with the dish.
Beef tartare (RMB82). Tasty but I prefer it more zingy with lots of capers, onions, and of course Worcester sauce.
Grilled veal chop (RMB155). My husband said it was one of the bests.
My rack of lamb (RMB148) was tasty but pretty fatty. By the time I trimmed everything off there wasn't much left.
My husband's pavlova (RMB52). He managed to polish it pretty quickly.
My sticky date pudding (RMB58). Sticky date is not as good as sticky toffee but it did the job to finish our wonderful meal.
A pretty damn good meal and a very wallet-friendly bill. No wonder this place is booming!

Mr. Willis
3/F, 195 Anfu Rd. (nr. Wulumuqi Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5404-0200

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