Sunday, October 24, 2010


Homemade bread to go with our sausages and pulled pork.
Some steaks just in case we din't have enough food.
Organic Gloucester Old Spot Pork sausages from Hindon Organic Farm in Exmoor. Good quality sausages indeed and very porky. It makes you wonder what indeed is in regular non-porky tasting sausages?
I don't normally say cor but look at this pork shoulder joint! Cor! We had it slow-cooked for pulled pork. The pulling was pretty tedious but the meat and the pull pork sauce we made were a hit. Mind you it's probably best to leave pork pulling to restaurants as my fingers hurt for a couple of days after.
Minehead, Exmoor, Somerset, UK. TA24 8SH Tel: 01643 705 244

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