Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chi Restaurant

We finally got to try the one and only Chinese restaurant in the village near us. We didn't expect much and we were more interested to see who is actually cooking behind the kitchen. It is a small village after all and we didn't expect an ethnic restaurant.

To start we tried the aromatic duck (10.8). It's actually our favourite pseudo-Chinese dish. Instead of getting just the skin with Peking duck you actually get shredded duck meat with this dish. The pancake and the fixings are the same and to be honest it makes more sense (to get meat rather than skin). This version however was a little dry.
Lemon chicken (13.20). Nice zingy sauce and tender chicken. My family would say I'm a disgrace to be eating lemon chicken but heck to it.
Singapore noodle. All the main courses come with either rice or Singapore noodles. The color was not right but all the tastes were there. Not bad at all.
The rice was pretty good too.
Fillet beef with spring onion and bamboo shoots(15.20). We should have taken the server's suggestion of black pepper beef instead of this one. The cut of beef was actually very tender and juicy but we didn't like the fact that it's swimming in sauce. We think they were trying to do gravy and it was just too pseudo for our taste.
Steamed bass (17.90). We wanted steamed fish and settled for bass as they didn't have any other sea fish. The bass was actually a very nice fish to be steamed. Its firm texture stood up really well to the sweet soy and ginger sauce. And it's a bonus that it was boneless.
All in all it was a pleasant dining experience and we especially liked the high-quality ingredients and produce used.

Fore Street, Kenton, nr Exeter, Devon, UK. Tel 01626 890 213

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