Sunday, October 24, 2010

Da Marco

Dinner at Da Marco. As usual the place was packed. I don't dislike busy restaurants but it's very uncomfortable when the tables are 2 inches away from each other. I know Da Marco is not shooting for upscale dining but still.

We ordered a number of starters to share. Antipasto platter.
Tuna salad.
Clams cooked in white wine sauce.
Soup with seafood.
For our main courses we had pizza.
Lasagna. We were so full we didn't touch the lasagna and decided to doggy-bag it. To our horror the bus lady cut and squashed the thing into a small round container. It was so dreadful looking we sent it back. To give them credit the waitress swiftly apologized and took it off our bill.
Food was good value and generally tasty but it's too crammed to enjoy our meal.

Da Marco
103 Dong Zhu An Bang Rd. (nr. Zhen Ning Rd)., Shanghai. Tel: 6210-4495

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